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How to download? Full manual

1. Register here

click here

then choose variant of registration, may be you have login in other systems

2. Open download center 

you can use menu panel or click on demo-pictures

Read the red text, click the word "SimVirtuals" and read the user agreement and how you can get SV free. You must know it. Please consider

Then choose item, what you want. Click to the title.

If  item is free - you will see this button
If you have anough SV (SimVirtuals) - you will see this 
If you have not anough SV (SimVirtuals) -  

If you have not anough SV

1. You can get it free as it is written on the link in red text
2. You can donate and get 200, 550 or 1100 SV

3. Donate
When you click on title of items, you see the full description about item.
Donate-button you can find below description. Choose, what you prefer

After donate transaction you will be redirected to this page. Here you must fill all fields. Then for 24 hour  you get SV and confirmation message to you paypal and forum mails also to forum PM.

4. Download

When you have enough SV, you can just click to download button. 

User agreement

You can use my CC on your screenshots only. 
If your screenshots are demo and you are creator and you use my CC on your demo-screenshots, specify my authorship and give the link to my blog please. 
If you are not creator, you can use my CC without links to my blog.

You can post my CC to your site ONLY with links to my blog or forum . Do not share my CC on other fileshare!  If you will share my CC, your account on my forum will be banned and money is not returned. Remember it and just use my works only for your pleasure. It's not too difficult, right? =)

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